Expectations Regarding the Initial Assessment

How does counseling with Almond Tree Counseling Services work?

Part 3

Third Step: The first visit in your home – Questions and Expectations

We just called the first visit “initial assessment” - and that describes it perfectly. The first appointment serves first and foremost the purpose to meet, to talk and to get to know each other better. The initial meeting will usually take 90 minutes, often more, because we need a lot of time for the things we have to talk about. You counselor will ask you many questions – because we need to learn about your life-story and why you are seeking counseling – and why you feel the need for counseling now: what would you like to change in your life, how can it become better and healthier, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will also take ample time to answer all your questions – remember, you wanted to make a list of them!?

Building trust

Your life-story, especially your life at present, will be in the focus of our conversation. You should tell it as openly as you are able, so that the best decisions can be made – right from the start. At the end of this conversation we will determine together if a working relationship between us would benefit you, and if so, how it may look like and when we will meet again.

“But... – I don’t like the counselor!”

Well, we are convinced that this will not come to your mind! However, we know for sure that sometimes personalities just do not match. Should you have doubts about about the anticipated success of your counseling, then we believe it is best to tell us. A relationship built on trust between client and counselor is very important and irreplaceable. As mentioned before, if you don’t like us, then tell us – we can take that, but we will not take it personally! Should you wish to work with another counselor, then we will recommend a possible “better” match for you.

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