The First Steps Toward Good and Efficient Counseling

How does counseling with Almond Tree Counseling Services work?

Part 1

First Step: Look around!

First of all – maybe you have done that already –, look around on our website and learn about all the aspects of treatment and support we have to offer – it is quite a treasure trove full of possibilities. If you have seen something that caught your eye and sounded interesting to you, let’s get in contact and talk about your needs and expectations, to see, if Almond Tree Counseling is truly the right service address for you.

You can use the Contact Form situated directly on our homepage or the dedicated big Contact Form, where you can see our service area and our other contact information as well. If you prefer talking to writing, you’ll find our telephone contact information (774-409-7395) in the right column, right next to our email address.

Your first phone consultation is absolutely free and without any obligation.

You will learn more about us – and we will learn something, so we hope, about you. With this exchange of preliminary information, we may already determine, if a working relationship between you and us bears promising perspectives, or whether you may be better served by another provider. In such a case we will certainly point you in the direction you will need to take. In most cases, however, we may be able to provide support, help and treatment to you.

Now you will have to take a first step and send us a message or give us a call.

That’s the way to start and we are looking forward to hearing – or reading – from you. Just relax and keep in mind: we are friendly and welcoming people who want to serve others to get to grips with their life again, because we know how precious life is.

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