Formalities of a Good Working Relationship

How does counseling with Almond Tree Counseling Services work?

Part 2

Second Step: Paperwork!

We mentioned before that life is precious – and life means time. If you feel up to the task, please download and print the inescapable paperwork from our Forms page – many of these documents will look familiar, because you filled similar forms for your primary care physician or for other medical treatment. Ours are specific to the working relationship we want to build together.

Read these documents thoroughly and fill the blanks – there are quite a few of them.

We know, it’s tedious, but it is not complicated nor difficult. Once you’ve completed the forms, send them to us by mail to better protect your privacy. If you do not mind the risks involved in Internet communication, you may also scan them and attach them to an email – however, that’s at your own risk, because we feel that a paper letter in a non-transparent and sealed envelope through the good old post office is better protected against curious eyes.

In case you have difficulties with the paperwork, please do not hesitate to call us and we will help you with it. Otherwise our counselor will do that together with you during the first visit. Life and time are precious, we said, so give it a try, because we would like to use our time with you for more important things than filling blanks on forms – and we are convinced you will agree.

When the paperwork is in the mail...

Once your paperwork is on its way to us, we recommend that you set time aside thinking about questions you may have about the whole process. It is certainly good to make a written list of them, so that nothing will be forgotten during the initial assessment of your situation.

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